Retaining Walls

At Desert Pavers & Custom Concrete we can design and install a custom retaining wall system for your residential or commercial property. We have a wide range of retaining wall products that you can choose for your individual retaining walls project. Our helpful and professional staff at Desert Pavers & Custom Concrete can assist all of your inquiries and provide you with many wonderful options to help you select the perfect retaining wall material, discuss the design options along with other handy tips and useful information.

The main purpose of a retaining wall structures is to help create ground stability in elevated, sloped and unlevel surfaces. A retaining wall will eliminate ground movement from various natural and unnatural elements. There are many types of materials that retaining walls can be structurally built from to provide ground stability. Some of the more popular materials include concrete blocks, natural stone boulders and rocks. Timber is still commonly used for retaining wall structures, however the life span of timber is limited, its low resistances to weather conditions and the attraction to termite infestation, cannot compare to the long term durability attributes of concrete or natural stone blocks.

Retaining walls can also be installed for their decorative appeal. You may have land that is sloping and going to waste. We can design a wall system that will enable you to plant garden beds or add water features. Perhaps terraced wall systems will suite your landscape areas. We at Desert Pavers & Custom Concrete realize that each project has different requirements, therefore we will work together to create an aesthetic and functional retaining wall system for you!

We will take into consideration the current materials featured in and around your property when deciding on the wall material to be used. For example if you have a brick home, we will show you materials that are made from brick or wall blocks that imitate the look of brick. The design options are endless for the wall products on the market today are varied in colors, shapes, sizes and textures.

Our professional and experienced team at Desert Pavers & Custom Concrete will guide you from the start to the finish of your retaining wall installation. We will also give you tips on any maintenance requirements to preserve the look and functionality of your new wall. Feel free to browse our portfolio to view photos of some of our completed retaining wall projects and you may even get some great ideas!